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Negative paradigm?

I received an e-mail today from a prospective client following a proposal I submitted. It simply read – “Please ring me, I’d like to give you some feedback,” Immediately I thought, ‘bad news comes via email on these occasions; good news by phone call;’ I assumed the worst. I made the phone call only to find out they wanted another conversation to clarify some points before proceeding with my proposal. I put the phone down and then chastised myself for my negative paradigm. I’m challenged to get reading again about taking charge of my thinking and my life. Perhaps I should start by re-reading Stephen Covey’s ‘Seven Habits of Hugely Successful People.’ I obviously didn’t take on board his key messages first time. Is there anything you think you need to re-read? How can you change others paradigms for the better?

I’m Changing

I am in the middle of transformational change of my business and its operating model. I wish I could achieve it faster than I am. I’m reminded however that transactional change is incremental and and that transformational change is step change and that requires alot more patience. I remember the ‘flywheel’ concept in Jim Collins book ‘Good to Great’ and I am encouraged.

Ball Game Video

On the subject of inspiring insights into human resource development take a look at the ball game video and see how a team can increase it’s productivity by 100% using creative and innovative thinking. It’s amazing!

Globalisation of business and the challenge of alligned T & D

The challenges of developing a global business and then operating successfully on that global scale brings training and development issues to the fore – both strategic and tactical. Jeremy Francis, MD of global training provider Rhema Group, highlights the key issues and the solutions global players are using to address them. Read more of this post

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my new blogging site. I have chosen the tagline ‘Inspiring Insights Into The World Of Human Resources’ for a very good reason – I have found that truly inspirational insights into HR are hard to find!

Why the need for inspirational insights and not insights or valuable insights? To me inspirational is about stimulating fervour and creativity; it’s about a sudden, brilliant and timely idea; and physically it’s about a drawing in of breath in the face of brilliance or genius.

The function of HR has had many descriptions but in my experience over the last 35 years I have to say that inspirational has generally not been one of them! Why is that? I have worked firstly in a corporate HR environment, and then for most of my life as an HR Development Consultant. I have found that HR people are generally friendly, helpful, caring and conscientious; trying to do their job to the best of their ability. And it can be a difficult job, particularly in today’s highly regulated environment. Read more of this post